Created by Chris Mirabella, Precious Stories was inspired by his family and friends who all had the same thing in common; the desire to record and preserve the memories and thoughts of those most dearest to them while they could.


Take all the great things about how technology enables us to communicate, combine these with experienced hands at the craft who also share a passion for authenticity and your stories will be forever, be truely precious.


Our Team


Chris Mirabella

Chris is a natural conversationalist & story-teller which is a craft he has developed over the past 20 years working in mainstream media and communication. His inspiration for creating Precious Stories came from his friends who often talk about the regret they felt not having captured the story of a dear relative or friend when they had the chance.


Michael Mirabella

Michael graduated with his BA from Swinburne University in 2015, and has been working in production with VOIR for 6 years. He specialises in filming, video editing, audio recording, and website design. Michael’s passion for Precious Stories comes from his love of story-telling in the form of podcasts, blogs, and interviews.


Paula Lay-Tran

Paula is an exceptional graphic designer. She has that rare gift of combining creativity and functionality in her work without compromising either. For the past 20 years she has successfully run her own business and we are lucky to have her on board as a regular, and very much preferred supplier.

James Circle 319.png

James De Maria

James graduated with his Bachelor of Architectural Design and Civil Engineering in 2018 from Monash University. His keen eye for design translates into the quality of the graphics and animations that he produces.


Rebecca Crosby

Bec is studying a BA of Applied Business in Entertainment Management and aspires to work in the music industry when she graduates. She has been working part-time for us for the past 14 months, and is a valuable member of our team, working as an all rounder in all our various digital media and communication platforms.


Dina Sesta

Any small business owner will tell you just how valuable it is to the business to have an administrator who loves their work and has an eye for detail. Dina possesses both of these attributes and we would truly be lost without her.