Amazing career of retired civil engineer Richard Olive

The photos we use across the Precious Stories website all have an interesting story captured. For our first blog post, we thought it would be interesting to tell the story behind the above photo of our dear friend Richard Olive, which is located on our ‘About’ page.

In February 2019 Chris and I travelled To Richard’s home to record a few audio pieces to use as a way to promote an event for Marcellin College; which funnily enough all three of us attended as our high school.
Richard was one of a number of Old Collegians asked to share their career experience for current students and their friends and family as a potential pathway post-school.

Richard is a retired civil engineer, it is a career that has taken him all around the world working on amazing developments, especially on dams and hydroelectric projects.

Watch Richard’s video here

In this photo Richard is holding Chris’ iPad that has a photo of himself at age 30, standing in front of the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona, USA on it. As part of the promotion we recorded Richard discussing this photo, which we then turned into a video with a few animations to highlight the details Richard was providing about the dam.

I am in the background monitoring the audio via our recording device which has the microphone in the photo connected to it, and it is my job to ensure the audio levels are optimised for the environment and his natural speaking voice.

This simple video proved to be an effective marketing tool, and Richard smashed it out of the park at his talk for this event.