One of my favourite pics from 2018

Maureen Hegarty (Left) and Joan McLachlan sharing a funny moment at Marcellin

Maureen Hegarty (Left) and Joan McLachlan sharing a funny moment at Marcellin

This picture of good friends Maureen Hegarty (left) and Joan McLachlan sharing a moment is one of my favourites from last year. Joan, Maureen and I were on duty at an official Marcellin function and in between the formalities I took the chance to knock off a few candid shots, including this one. I love it for a few reasons.

Firstly, it captures Maureen’s and Joan’s respective personalities so well. They are both strong, intelligent and energetic people with great wit who typically get straight to the point. Neither recall what the conversation was, so I am surmising that part of it contained a cracking gag.

Secondly, they both are significant people in my life.

Back in 1998, while Joan was working part-time in the Community Development role at Marcellin she gave me one of ‘those’ calls. Her son Gus and I were good mates at Marcellin (we graduated our HSC in 1981) so Joan and I already had a strong connection. Joan was looking to broaden the College’s alumni footprint leading up to the College’s then Golden Jubilee celebrations slated for 2000 and wanted to enlist my help. The brief was to lead a significant volunteer effort to reconnect the many Old Collegians the College had lost contact with. Little did I know this would be the start of a 21 year journey with my old school.

Maureen Hegarty is a current Marcellin mum. She is also one of the founding directors of the Colleges philanthropic Foundation which was established back in 2014.

We have had a great working relationship and this year I was delighted to hand the executive role over to her exceptionally capable hands. Maureen and her husband Rodney are legends in the local community. Somehow they combine their unbelievably busy parent lives (4 boys, 1 daughter) with running their businesses and being proactive volunteers on their children’s schools and community sporting clubs around Bulleen, Heidelberg and Rosanna.

I love this picture!

Maureen & Rodney’s Cafe is Four Leaves located in Rosanna. They also have a separate catering business called Classic Catering on Greville