Preparing for an interview - some helpful tips

Chris Mirabella

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about the prospect of telling your story in a sit-down interview. I have experienced the pre-interview wobbles many times! If it makes you feel any better, most of the best interviews I have done are with people who start out with some nerves. So my advice is not to let these nerves put you off.

My theory is that nerves and apprehension are a good thing as it means you care deeply about what you have to say. As opposed to the overly confident high-flying executives I have seen go completely to water once the camera starts rolling.

Please be assured you are in expert hands and once we get going, the nerves will disappear and you will enjoy the experience.

Here are some tips about preparing for an interview.

  1. It is story telling, not an exam! (There is no right or wrong - just your thoughts and memories)

  2. Trust your memory and don’t rote learn or anticipate responses (It will look and sound stilted and disingenuous)

  3. Wear comfortable clothes (For video interviews, you want to look your relaxed-best, have your hair how you want it, and for men, either be clean shaven or have the beard well trimmed)

  4. Mornings are better for interviews (we are fresher in the morning)

  5. Keep the day clear (After the interview, you might feel all talked-out, even feel a bit empty. Avoid important meetings or other commitments, go and treat yourself instead.

  6. Leave the phone at home (You will want the experience to be ‘distraction-free’ - we will take some happy snaps for you to share with family and friends)

  7. Bring a friend (not everyone is comfortable about having a friend in the room during an interview - this one is up to you, but sometimes, a family member or friend can help you fill in the memory gaps)