Shooting with MJS Training

(L to R) Mark and Chris in the studio

MJS Training is a fitness studio owned by Mark Stevens in Doncaster East. Mark has been a good friend for many years, and in late April we visited Mark’s studio to shoot a promotional video for his business.

Michael recording the audio of Mark punching the speedball.

With this video we wanted to take a popular piece of equipment in the speedball, and convey that with Mark’s expertise, that it’s not just a fun piece of equipment to use in the gym, but it can actually be very effective when used in one of Mark’s fitness programs.

This is not the first piece of business we have produced for Mark, we also built his website which you view here. On Mark’s website you can see the equipment he uses, the fitness packages he offers, and how to contact him.

Mark is terrific a what he does, and has been training our family over the past few years. We encourage everyone to keep Mark in mind when looking for a way to improve their own health.

View our minute video for Mark to use on his website and social media.