The art of getting things done over coffee

Bec running our client Mark through his redone website

If there’s one thing you’ll learn about working with us at Precious Stories, it’s that we love our coffee! That being said, we don’t arrange coffee meetings to chat about the footy on the weekend with our clients (Or at least, not ALL the time). We believe that face to face interaction is a much better way to go, rather than sending hundreds of emails backwards and forwards. This way, we can bring our laptops in and give you a good visual representation of our work, whether it’s a website, a video, or even an audio clip, we can explain our process, and our clients can also give us feedback straight away.

In the pictures of this story, Bec is running our client Mark through his website that we have set up for him, as well as showing him his new point of sale system that we had organised, as well as showing him the final cut of a video we produced for his business. We were able to cover these areas in the space of an hour and a half meeting, all while having the added benefit of some afternoon caffeine.

Coffee meetings are also perfect for preparing for an interview, which Chris discusses in greater depth in his blog post ‘Preparing for an interview - some helpful tips’. It gives us an opportunity to meet the interviewee in person and discuss what they would like record so Chris can keep the interview running smoothly, it also means Chris has time to give some quick media training tips, that helps make the video/audio more audience friendly, as well as making it faster for post production.