Please contact us for a quote. Our pricing depends on the hours and the resources we need to best tell your story. We will advise the best course of action for your story and we will NOT up-sell you on things you don’t need or will not add to the telling of the story. There are just too many variables to provide a fixed pricing for services here. If you would like to produce a story in parts, that’s fine too - we will recommend a structured approach that will ensure we get the most out of each part.

However, as a guide, this information could be useful:

Audio only interview pricing guide

A sit-down audio-only interview is an ideal way to record your precious story. Typically a recording takes about 90 minutes. There is no limit on this by the way.

A 60-90 minute conversation, edited and delivered in hi-quality audio format: Range $1,200-$1,500 plus GST.

Video Interview only pricing guide

A 40 minute video interview with additional content added such as home movies, still images or other supplementary video footage

Range: $4,000-$6,000 plus GST

Why the range?

Some interviews require more editing than others. A good example is when a person recalls their experiences in random sequences rather than in a self-contained start to finish block. Something said at the end of the interview may be the companion part to something said in the first 10 minutes. Putting together the story so these sequences are in a logical order requires more time, and that is okay, because the effort in doing so makes the story even more engaging. Video interviews take longer to edit than audio interviews. The cost of adding supplementary vision to a video will depend on the circumstances. For example, adding archival 8mm film footage may require us to have this commercially digitised first. Or we may shoot additional vision to add to the story and so on.

It is important we all know exactly what the elements of the story are required before we start.

Payment terms:

  • 25% of the approved quote as a deposit
  • 35% of the approved quote at the end of the principal recording
  • Balance upon completion of the project at sign-off