• Audio recordings
  • Video recordings and supplementary vision
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  • Still photography
  • Websites and other online services
  • Digitising of media


A long-from audio interview (which is more like a conversation) is the starting point for capturing and telling someone’s precious story.

How it works:

The first step is doing our homework with the interview subject and their family and friends so we get to know the person and be aware of the cues to look for in the interview. This process also allows us to establish a rapport ahead of the interview so the subject is looking at a familiar face and not a complete stranger on the day we record.

The recording process for the interview will take place in a comfortable, quiet space. We have a studio, but if the subject feels more comfortable on their ‘own patch’, that’s fine too provided it is a relatively noise-free environment. So for example, if someone lives on a main road, and passing traffic is constant and loud, we would need to find another venue.

Our experience is that after a few minutes, the interview subject settles into it and becomes blissfully unaware of the microphones and other equipment in the room. We expertly guide them through the conversation and make them feel at ease. Often a family member or friends sits in on the interview to assist us with picking up everything we need to and to make the person feel more comfortable. If that person wishes to be part of the finished interview, we will ensure they are ‘mic’d-up’ and recorded too.

After the interview, we edit the recording to remove the gaps, trim out the unnecessary bits and if needed move some of the content around to ensure the story flows and the story is faithfully re-told.


We love the video medium for story telling. A good video interview, supplemented with other imagery such as family photos, slides, film or video, and newspaper articles is extremely powerful. However we recommend you talk to us first before committing to this format. Unlike an audio-only interview, a video interview of the same length is far more demanding on the subject - they are more self aware with the cameras and the lights and unless they are a natural extrovert, the more demanding environment may mean they will be less forthcoming in recounting their story. A good compromise is the long form audio interview plus a complimentary shorter video piece that talks to say just one aspect of their story - especially something that can be ‘coloured-in’ with other imagery.

Under the guidance of our graphic designer Paula, we can turn a collection of photos into a beautiful printed journal, coffee-table book or a memoir. These would be complimented with an edited transcript of the interviews. Or perhaps you might like a family calendar or an impressive invitation to an event. The possibilities are endless.

Still Photography:

For every precious story interview, we will take several happy snaps using our hi-res cameras as a complimentary service. For portrait photography or events, we provide professional photography services.

Websites and other online services:

A personal website is an excellent way to share a precious story with family and friends. We create beautifully designed sites that are elegant and do justice to the precious story. We can provide advice and support for social media platforms too, however in our experience, as these platforms are very accessible and there is usually always someone in the family who can support them, it is unlikely you will need us.